Frequently Asked Questions


International Bank of Me'ekamui

 Note: Please review the “General Terms and Conditions” of IBOM,
which also include Specific Terms and Conditions for Cash Transaction Accounts,
Deposit Investment Accounts and RLOC’s


28th November 2013

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General Section

    1. General Background of IBOM

    2. Trust in IBOM /  Guarantees

    3. All about setting up an IBOM Account (Including transfer to IBOM)

    4. Interest Rates

    5. Investment Plans

    6. Revolving Line of Credit

    7. Currencies /Deposit money

    8. Withdrawing Money

    9. Internet Banking

    10.Transferring money & Payouts to 3rd Parties
1.  General Background of IBOM
1.1 Q. What is the IBOM bank?
A.  For more than 13 years IBOM has been the National Royal Bank of the Kingdom of Me'ekamui. Me'ekamui is local language for Bougainville, a tropical island located west of the Solomon Islands and east of Papua New Guinea. Bougainville Island is therefore also used as reference to this sovereign and independent Nation. IBOM is part of the economic and financial system of this local new independent monarchy. The biblical name for Bougainville Island is Ophir, and was the source of King Solomon’s gold and valuable timber resources.
1.2 Q. What distinguishes IBOM from other financial institutions?
A.  The Monarchy of Bougainville is strongly religious and views IBOM as a tool that can be used to increase happiness and benevolence in the world by diminishing personal debts and giving honest people a chance to live Prosperous lives with financial freedom provided by God’s abundance.

1.3 Q. What is the philosophy of IBOM?
A.  An institution reflects the philosophy of the nation in which it resides. Because the philosophy of the Sovereign Nation of Bougainville Island is based on abundance and surplus as opposed to the prevailing philosophy of lack and scarcity, the working philosophy of the Sovereign system of IBOM is to share its prosperity, through profits, with IBOM clients.

1.4 Q. How did Bougainville Island become a Sovereign Nation?
 A.     After achieving political independence on September 1, 1975 as North Solomon, Bougainville has developed in many areas becoming a Sovereign Nation August 16, 2008, realizing Military Independence May 17, 1990 as Me'ekamui, and reaching Economic Independence April 21, 2000 as Papaala.
1.5 Q. Does Bougainville have a national printed currency?

A.  Our systems are currently digital/electronic like all global banking systems. We are in the process of printing our own currency. All well-known foreign currencies are used for international and national transactions.
 1.6 Q. Why should IBOM be more reliable than other high profit financial institutions?

A.  Because IBOM is a REAL bank in a Financial Highway of twenty-four (24) financial institutions and all investments are covered by its Hard assets including Gold reserves, and other precious metals and stones. IBOM Management agrees with the wisdom of King Solomon when he stated: “A borrower is a slave to the lender”. Due to its policy and practice, neither IBOM nor its clients, will ever find themselves in the position of a slave.
1.7 Q. Is IBOM located in a safe and war-free region?

A.  After many years of civil war and conflicts over sovereignty issues during which more than 20,000 people lost their lives and much of the infrastructure was destroyed, Bougainville has become an absolutely stable, sovereign country.  For the last thirteen (13) years it has been an independent region of Papua New Guinea, with its own King and Triune Government and a self regulating Administration and body of Law.
1.8 Q. Can IBOM handle this growth?

A.  The answer is emphatically, YES. IBOM now has servers located off-site with a state-of-the-art website capable of showing you the actual and available balance of your account, the original deposited documentary funds, internal transfers and the monthly accrued interest. 
Note:  The current system cannot, however, automatically process all changes and transfers in the Account. We have to make these changes manually, which may take a few days and can cause interest corrections without notice to the client.
1.9. Q. Will there be agencies of your Bank abroad also?

A.  At this time, the IBOM Agency known as “IBOM Support” is set up as a Worldwide Front Office, including being a bridge to IBOM for ICC/BCBG Members who are IBOM clients. Currently the only way to contact IBOM is through this Agency via contacting: .
Please do not use any other email address for IBOM. Please do not copy your email to several parties in IBOM with other email addresses, for this only wastes time. Support will redirect all emails when necessary.
1.10 Q. Can you give us travelling information about Bougainville and about visiting IBOM?

A.  Please be aware that IBOM is an internet-based Bank and is not staffed for walk-in traffic. Our bank managers are overloaded with work and focused on serving our international customers. A client will receive travel instructions if they have a scheduled meeting with H.M. King David through prior arrangement and H.M.’s consent to travel to Tonu City!  Permission may only be requested through Support;

2.  Trust in IBOM / Guarantees
2.1 Q. How safe is an investor’s money in IBOM?

A.  The island has been colonized for centuries because of its wealth. Copper, gold and sandalwood were the main export products for many years. The King has decreed that no more gold may leave the country and that all the gold that was sold will be bought back. The tremendous in-ground quantities will also be kept as collateral for the whole financial system. All money in the IBOM bank is backed by gold and other hard assets.
2.2 Q. How does IBOM make its profits?

A.  IBOM is part of a new Financial Super Highway in cooperation with twenty-four (24) other financial institutions and banks including four (4) traders, four (4) lending institutions, four (4) insurance providers, four (4) central banks, four (4) commercial banks, and four (4) investment banks. They all have their own specialties in the usual banking fields which include Forex and High-Yield Trading, Stock Market activity, Treasury Bills, Mortgages, Loans and International Investments.
2.3 Q. What Guarantees do I have when I invest through IBOM?
A.  The Triune Government of Bougainville automatically guarantees one hundred percent (100 %) of the principal investment. This is almost unique in the whole world!
2.4 Q. Is IBOM an independent bank?

A.  IBOM is completely independent and sovereign. The Financial Highway back-up however enables the joining parties to create a greater stability in the financial market and therefore a trustworthy investment method for a constantly growing number of people seeking happiness and prosperity.
2.5 Q. What are the names of the corresponding banks?
A.  IBOM is one of twenty-four (24) banks at this moment. Within our sovereign system we have corresponding banking relations, mainly in our region. We work with ANZ, Westpac and a number of other Australian banks. Through the implementation of Exchange Houses we will be working closely with various other international banks around the world.
2. 6 Q. How about security?

A.  The website is being maintained and professionally upgraded on a regular basis in order to constantly optimize the security systems to the highest level.
2.7 Q. What about confidentiality?

A.  Our banking system is sovereign. We have the highest level of privacy and banking confidentiality in the world, even higher than the famous Swiss banks. We are under no obligation to disclose information to any government or organization in the world and this policy is not likely to change for many centuries to come.

2.8 Q. Are you aware of bad ‘news’ items calling IBOM a scam etc.?

A.  Every new and successful idea has its detractors and those that may feel threatened because it is not familiar and not the way things “have always been done”. The IBOM philosophy was initially condemned by various financial, economic, and political entities. However, we chose to ignore these negative comments and work harder to prove that our philosophy of business and methodology is not only viable but a strong formula for success. As the international community has become more comfortable with our new way of doing things, we have experienced a decline in the “bad news” items!
Other unfavorable press has been reported on the website of the copper mine shareholders, which can only be expected since they lost a ten year war with the people of Bougainville. This resulted in control of the mines being reinstated to those in whom it rightfully belonged! This proves once again that it is always a good idea to verify the source of any information used to make important decisions!
3.  All about your IBOM account
3.1 Q. How can I open an account with IBOM?

A.  Reading this FAQ means you have entered the IBOM website. You have to complete the Application Form (accessible via the Home-page, top right hand corner under “Apply here for an IBOM-Account to enjoy the benefits“). Be advised that by signing this form you also agree to comply with the morality statement which says:
"By signing the IBOM Application Form I declare and affirm to God and King David Peii II that I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions of the International Bank of Me’ekamui (IBOM). I further declare and affirm that I am an honest and honorable person and will act in good faith in my dealings with IBOM as well as in all my dealings with others. I also declare and affirm that the funds from IBOM (BVK) will be used to enhance and enrich mankind, that I will only use the funds to do business ventures for good purposes (not evil ones) and that I will not knowingly waste the riches of the earth to the detriment of mankind."
You need to be referred to us by at least 2 (two) existing IBOM-Clients.
And we cannot open your account unless you pay the initial required deposit (see 3.3 and 3.4)
Please sign and scan the completed Application Form and send it together with the proof of payment and a colored copy of your passport to Support  
Note:  We do not process Application Forms submitted without payment!
Please send all documents IN PDF FORMAT ONLY to IBOM Support using the following subject/headers (depending on what is being sent):
  • Your surname−your first name−IBOM application;
  • Your surname−your first name−Proof of payment + amount.
  • Your surname-your first name-your passport

You might add your T-Bill Form in the same mail. (See instructions under 3.7)
Submitting false or fraudulent information may result in your account being frozen or terminated by IBOM.
3.2 Q. What amounts are required for initial deposits for each account type?
A.  Account Type
Regular Deposit
ICC/BCBG Members Deposit
Budget Related Acccount*
USD$ 50.00*   USD$ 50.00*
Salary Account*
USD$ 50.00*   USD$ 50.00*
Personal Account
Foreign Corporate Account,
Bougainville IBC /Bougainville Trust
Bougainville Corporate Account RRA:
Step 1: Registration
Step 2: Full Incorporation
* Administrative fee ONLY payable through PayPal More information:

Please read the FAQ on Business Accounts (
3.3 Q. What does a Business Registration (RRA) on Bougainville Island mean?

A. This is for those who are familiar with the concept of incorporating businesses in special jurisdictions, and are looking for the advantages and safety of a Business Registration on the Island.
3.4 Q. Where and how do I pay to open my account?

A. Make your choice between the payment options you find on the left side of the “Products” page on the website
. * Administrative fee ONLY payable through PayPal More information:
3.5 Q. The Application Form asks for references. Please explain.

A. IBOM wishes to prevent the offered investment opportunities and generosity of IBOM from being used for illegal purposes and therefore desires that new members be referred by existing clients or be a member of one of the ICC/BCBG-Work Centers.
3.6 Q. How do I know if my IBOM-Account is opened?

A.  You will receive an email with all the required information. FROM THEN ON PLEASE PUT YOUR IBOM CRN NUMBER (NOT the account ID) in the heading of EVERY EMAIL SENT TO SUPPORT!
Whenever you ask questions while attaching documents, PLEASE STATE THIS IN THE HEADING of your e-mail as well, so that they are not overlooked by support.
3.7  Q. How to handle UAPN’s and IBOE’s?

A.  As of August 3, 2013 the provision of UAPN/IBOE when MBTM are acquired is suspended. Therefore it is not possible at this moment, to receive new UAPN's. UAPN/IBOE's still in the making will be accepted.

3.8  Q. Am I not able to receive high interest anymore?
A.  In special circumstances, USPES might, after negotiations, still make UAPN’s/IBOE's in the name of IBOM, which can then be placed in a Deposit Investment Account.
Please keep in mind that you can only deposit three (3) times in a seven (7) year period.  During these seven (7) years you might have much better options to place money/documentary funds in a High Yield Account. You can also receive high interest on cash funding (not out of money originally in your account)
3.9 Q. But what will happen to the UAPN /IBOE I already tried to transfer?

A. All UAPN's/IBOE's already deposited in IBOM will still have the same conditions as always.
Temporarily: In case you requested a transfer to IBOM and can prove this by sending in the Transfer Documents and the proof of payment (40 TICKETS), IBOM will accept the UAPN /IBOE and deposit it in your account. As soon as USPES is ready with the transfer, you may forward the transferred UAPN to IBOM. For any deposit a T-Bill form should be completed and submitted.
3.10 Q. At the time that I transferred my UAPN to IBOM, there was no IBOE attached. Does IBOM still need this IBOE ?
A. Yes IBOM needs this IBOE, because it is a package.
3.11 Q How can I get this IBOE, because it was not added to my UAPN?
A. Since USPES is requesting money to make the IBOE, and some people received the IBOE for free, IBOM decided to wait until money is available. You can then pay for the IBOE and send it to IBOM.
Note: Your account is not totally available until all transfers are completed.
3.12 Q. Will this missing IBOE cost extra money again?

A.  IBOM will not charge you any fee now. USPES, however, will charge you when money is available. AT that time contact your Work Center
3.13 Q. How can I be sure that IBOM received my documentary funds?

A.  IBOM Support always confirms the acceptance of documentary funds. The procedure takes approximately one (1) week.  Please check after a week to see if your account reflects the deposit. You can regard it as a confirmation when you see the amount of your documentary funds lodged in your Deposit Account.  

3.14 Q. Where do I indicate what type of account I want to open?

A.  Support will always open the best account possible for you. If you have questions you can contact Support.
3.15 Q. Can I transfer money to the accounts of other account holders within IBOM?
A.  Yes, you can. Please be aware that you cannot transfer amounts above 20 Million BVK without sending Support an MOU or contract. You can transfer to the Cash Transaction Accounts of other Account Holders, provided you know their CRN number and the Account ID of the addressees Cash Transaction Account.
So Remember: YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO TRANSFER TO THE ADDRESSEES Cash Transaction Account or Lodging Accounts. Internal transfers to any other account than a Cash Transaction or Lodging Account must be coordinated with support.
The only exception applies to your own accounts: you are allowed to transfer funds from your Cash Transaction Account to your Lodging Account or your Savings Account.
3.16 Q. Why can I not transfer to accounts other than an Addressees Cash Transaction or Lodging Accounts ?

A.  Because IBOM policy does not allow this.

3.17 Q. Do I need to fill in a special form to be able to apply for an RLOC?

A.  Yes, you do. These are called T-Bills. You must complete and submit the form shortly before the three month term is over in order to apply for an RLOC.

3.18 Q. When can I withdraw moneys from my account?

A.  We are sorry to say that it is not yet possible to withdraw money from IBOM accounts except for internal transfers. Please do not ask us questions on this subject as we have no answers at this time. However, IBOM is working at the highest levels and in various areas to make pay-outs possible ASAP.
3.19 Q. Is my account heritable?

A.  Yes, if you put this in your Will. You then have to provide us (in time) with a notarized copy of your Will. This can be handled by Support.

3.20 Can I have the name of my spouse or partner added to my account?

A.  Yes you can. Please send support a new Application form and write, in the referrer part, that this is for a second signature. We do not yet have the possibility to sign with two signatures, but when you give your password to more people, more can "sign".
4.  Interest rates
4.1 Q. What interest rates are offered?
A.  An overview of the interest offered by IBOM is to be found in the Produce Page.
4.2 Q. Is compounding interest available?
A.  Yes, it is. We know using compounding has proven to kill financial institutions, but that is because they are functioning within a debt-based system. This is not the case with IBOM. We NEVER borrow money ourselves, but we provide “private credit advances” in the form of an RLOC (connected to and based on Deposit Accounts), and only use our own reserves supplemented by the investments of our clients/investors.
4.6 Q. Can I withdraw funds from my IBOM account and deposit those funds into an interest bearing account in another bank so as to gain interest on that amount that is not bearing interest at IBOM?
A.  You cannot withdraw funds from IBOM just to deposit those funds into another bank for the sake of earning more interest. IBOM’s Mission statement would not allow that.  Money that you use outside of IBOM has to be used for increasing your own life and that of your loved ones by doing good commercial projects and/or projects for good humanitarian purposes. In addition, IBOM has a withdrawal restriction stating that the customer cannot withdraw more than 35% of the account balance per year.
4.8 Q. Am I allowed to transfer money from my Lodging Account/Personal Savings Account to the account of another account holder?
A.  Yes, but see the answer to Question 3.15 for what you can do.
4.9 Q. Is it possible for me to earn money on my High Interest Earning Accounts, then use the RLOC to take those earnings and place them in the Lodging Account or the Personal Savings Account to earn more interest?
A.  No, that is not allowed and any attempt to do so will be corrected by IBOM Admin without further notice.
Should an account holder attempt this type of transfer repeatedly, as observed by Admin, that account holder will be placed on a Watch List!  This Watch-List is for Account Holders who do not honor the Mission Statement of IBOM (Terms and Conditions Section B.3.1.A.)
4.10 Q. When I am on the Watch List, what does that mean?
A.  The Watch List is a tool used as a warning to the listed account holder and an alert to Admin. Should IBOM Admin observe further attempts to “misuse” IBOM accounts by account holders already on the Watch List,   IBOM may freeze or even close those accounts being misused.
Instructions For the Account Types of IBOM.
4-11 Q. What are the most common Account Types (from January 18,  2012 on)?
 (there are a few new accounts available
: see BLOG
A.  There are three connected Main Accounts:
  • Cash Transaction Account with 0% interest (No.100). This Account is just for transfers to other IBOM Account Holders or for transfers to Savings Accounts.
  • Lodging Account with 3% interest (No 120). From here money can be transferred to the Cash Transaction Account or to your Savings Accounts. This Account is also used to lodge the balance of Matured Deposit Investment Accounts.
  • Savings Accounts (No 150/160). Depending on the type of Account you have (Personal or Corporate) it will either be with 5% or 8% interest.
These Accounts have a term of three months.
4-12 Q. Am I free to transfer money between the Cash Transaction Account (100) and the Lodging Account (120)?
A.  Yes, you are free to transfer between those accounts.
4.13 Q. Am I free to transfer from the Cash Transaction Account (100) and the Lodging Account (120) to the Personal Savings Account (150), or, when I have a Corporate Savings Account (160), to that account?

A.  Yes, you are free to transfer to these accounts. But to receive the interest for these transferred funds the funds must remain in the Savings Account for a minimum of 3 calendar months following the date of transfer.
4.14 QIs the date of deposit the actual date the three month term begins? 
A.  No, the three month term begins the first day of the month after which you have made your deposit.
4.15 Q. So I can transfer back to the Lodging Account or Cash Transaction Account between depositing and the first of the next month?
A.  No, once you have made your deposit it stays in the account until the three month term is completed.  
4.16 QWhat if I need the deposited amount before the three month term is over?
There is a penalty for withdrawing your deposit before the three month term is completed. In the event of such a withdrawal the Interest for the whole three months will be forfeit.
5.  Investment Plans
5.1 Q. Which investment plans do you offer?
A.  We offer three High End Interest Rate Investment Programs. They are the:
1. Global Investment Account,
2. Treasury Bill Investment Account, and
3. High Yield Investment Account,
{Each has a 1 (one) year deposit term.}
Global Investment Programs (starting deposit at USD $50.000) are run directly by IBOM, Treasury Bill Investment Programs (starting deposit USD $200,000.00 - $10,000,000.00) are run by the Central Bank and High Yield Investment Programs by the Royal World Bank (deposit amounts larger than USD $10,000,000.00).
5.2 Q. How soon will I have access to some or all of the interest earned through these Investment Programs?
A.  You will have to wait until the maturity date (1 year after the deposit) has been reached. However, various options are being set up for utilizing cash funds based on your Available Balance, by means of a Revolving Line of Credit (RLOC). You can apply for such an RLOC after 3 of the 12 months have elapsed. The available BVK is transferrable on a ledger-to-ledger basis.  
5.3 Q. What is the Savings Account for?
A.  You can earn 5% compounding interest on this account.
5.4 Q. Is the money in the Savings Account free to access?
A.  Not without penalty.  This money is deposited for a fixed period of three months. You are allowed to withdraw funds from this account early, but, as a penalty, the interest for the whole three months will be calculated according to the level of the Lodging Account.
5.5 Q. So in fact the Cash Transaction Account is just a Transaction Account, I would not leave my money there?
A.  Of course you can leave your money in that Account, but you will not earn interest.
You are allowed to transfer from that account to the Cash Transaction Accounts of other IBOM account holders; to your Lodging Account; or to your Savings Account.
5.6 Q. Is it possible for me to transfer money from my Deposit Investment Account to Lower Interest Earning Accounts to gain more interest?
A.  No, that is not allowed and any attempt to do so will be corrected by IBOM Admin without further notice. Should Admin observe repeated attempts to manipulate the accounts in this way, you may be placed on the Watch List!
5.7 Q. I do not understand this. When I transfer money from my Deposit Investment Account to the Lower Interest Earning Accounts, I have less interest, so what is the problem?
A. Because you will continue to earn interest in your Deposit Investment Account even on those funds transferred out of that account through the use of your RLOC, to receive interest on those same transferred funds in any other interest bearing account would in essence be “double dipping” and is not allowed.

6.  Revolving Line of Credit
6.1 Q. Will I get a Revolving Line of Credit (RLOC) when I have received an account based on documentary funds?
A.  Yes. Accounts created using documentary funds also qualify for an RLOC. You simply follow the application procedure which is to complete and submit the T-Bill form. However, the RLOC cannot be activated before the first 3 months of the 12 month interest period is completed.
6.2. Q. Will the RLOC be up to the value of the documentary funds or up to the Account Value, Interest included?
A.  Initially your RLOC will be equal to the value of the documentary funds, and will be reflected as the “Available Balance”. If you start using the funds of your RLOC the changes of the Available Balance will correspond with that usage.
6.3 Q. When the maturity date is reached, is the original value of the Documentary Funds or the cash put into the deposit account freely available for other purposes again?
A.  The Investment account is closed and the balance transferred to your Lodging Account, where you can use it according to the Terms and Conditions.
6.4 Q. Is it possible to Re-Deposit the accrued interest from a High Yield account after the maturity date into a new Deposit Investment Account Program?
A.  No, you can ONLY have that lodged into other Products or Accounts of IBOM.
6.5 Q. Is it allowed to transfer money from my RLOC to my Cash Transaction Account in order to transfer to others or myself outside of IBOM?
A.  Yes, you are allowed to do that. (See the restrictions above).
6.6 Q. Is it allowed to transfer money from my Cash Transaction Account to my RLOC Account to replenish the available balance again, in order to be able to use my 35% as much as I can for my projects?
A.  Yes, and as a matter of fact you are obligated to replenish your RLOC account before you do anything else with your other accounts. The only way to transfer funds back into your RLOC is to make a request through IBOM Admin at Support.
6.7 Q. When I earn money through business activity, can I then receive a new deposit account?
A.  New deposit accounts are only available through depositing new UAPN/IBOE’s or with fresh Cash from other sources than funds from IBOM.
6.8 Q. Can I use my RLOC to take money out of IBOM, transfer it to USD and transfer it back?
A.  No, you cannot. IBOM will want to know where the Cash money is coming from. You will only be able to do this when you can prove that you earned the money profiting through business ventures.
6.9 Q. When the account matures, do I need to take any action?
A.  No, IBOM Admin will transfer your money to the Lodging Account. You can choose to leave it there or transfer it to the Cash Transaction Account or to your Savings Account. You are NOT allowed to transfer money to other Account Holder’s higher interest accounts.
7.  Currencies/Deposit money
7.1 Q. Which currencies does IBOM accept?
A.  IBOM accepts most internationally acknowledged currencies (24 + 8 locals) because of its unique system of Fixed Currency Rates, which means NO rate fluctuations and NO CLIENT RISK!  All investments are Gold-backed by the local currency UVD (U-Vistract Dollar) which is named Bougainville KINA (BVK in your account).
 On our website you can click on “EXCHANGE RATES” for more info, please note that some currencies do not show correct, like the USD would show Me'ekamui Dollar. This does not affect the calculation.
7.2 Q. Do Iraqi Dinars have value and will you cash at the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq) rate?
A.  IBOM does NOT accept any Iraqi Dinar.
7.3 Q. Am I allowed to make additional payments after the first deposit?
A.  Yes, you can! Depending on the form of your deposit we can open an extra sub-account in your own name and select the best account for you.
Do keep in mind that for deposits in Deposit Investment Accounts there are Specific Terms and Conditions.
8.  Withdrawing Money
8.1 Q. When can I withdraw funds out of my Deposit Account?
A.  Withdrawal of funds is not possible before the maturity date (after 12 months) except through an RLOC.
8.2 Q. Will I be able to withdraw funds in the currency of my principal?
A.  Yes, we plan to make BVK available in most of the standard currencies.
8.3 Q. Can I withdraw money from my RLOC for weekly/monthly personal use?
A.  For that purpose you need to transfer money from your RLOC into your Cash Transaction Account. IBOM will release standard amounts that can be withdrawn for your personal needs.
8.4 Q. I have debts, can I withdraw money from my RLOC to pay those debts?
A.  Various Account Managers will be able to assist you with your specific needs.  We are working on installing numerous Personal Account Managers, Business Account Managers and Key Account Managers to help you with working out the things you wish to do with your money. At this moment the communication regarding such topics runs through
8.5 Q. I need a car / house. Can I pay that from my RLOC?
A.  This is administratively possible and will be handled through account managers.
8.6 Q. I want to withdraw money to give to Cultural or Charitable Organizations. Is that possible?
A.  Yes, you can do that. There are 2 options here:
I. If it is out of your monthly allowed withdrawals you may handle the transactions yourself.
2. When the amount needed is greater than your monthly allowed withdrawal, it might be taken from your Charity Account (Trust).  Your Account Manager will need to see a 1 page outline of the Cultural/Charitable-Organization you want to support with the following information:
         a. Organization/Project Name
b. Executive + Management Team of Organization / Project
c. Organization / Project Description and its status
d. Location where Organization /Project takes place
e. Organization / Project Benefit to the Community
f. Amount of funds you wish to donate
g. What will the funds be used for?
II. If you control or are a part of the Charity-Organization/Project receiving the funding, IBOM will       also require the following additional information: 
a. an Executive Summary (Approx. 4 pages)  
b. a Profit & Loss Statement (3 years)
8.7 Q. Are there restrictions regarding withdrawing money?
A.  Yes. We want to make sure that money is only used for the good of humanity and according to IBOM-policy. Therefore you always have to ask for the approval of IBOM before being able to withdraw and transfer money.
There is a restriction on using money from your account for personal use.  Whether by internal transfers or, when this is possible, by transferring funds to accounts outside of IBOM, you are only allowed to withdraw 35% of your account. (See Section C.1.3.3.T&C)
8.8 Q. What is at this moment the best opportunity to get BVK transferred into USD?
A.  At the bottom, middle of your account website page you will see a link for an exchange request. This is only for ICC members. If you are not an ICC member you may send an email to to be connected to a Work Center. IBOM Clients from before January 2011 may request information by sending an email to You, or anyone else, can receive an ICC number under Tonu Kingdom.

9.  Internet Banking
9.1 Q. Can I use Internet banking with this IBOM account?
A.  Yes, IBOM is an Internet Bank and all accounts are accessible via our website under “Customer Login”.
9.2 Q. Which money transfer systems may be used?
A.  IBOM will negotiate with a Debit Card company, which can offer you the opportunity to go to your local bank and take money out of your account, or take out money at a large variety of ATM-machines worldwide. Also Bank Wires through exchange houses might be possible along with other transfer possibilities.
 10.  Transferring money/ Payouts to 3rd Parties

Transferring money out of IBOM to other banks is at this moment only available through the DFP Process (in your account under “EXCHANGE BVK TO USD REQUEST“ ), but there is as yet no time frame for this process to be completed.

10.1 Q. What is the maximum amount that I can withdraw out of the RLOC before maturity date of the principal deposit?
A.  Up to the Available Balance of your account, but only after contacting your Account Manager and upon receipt of the approval of IBOM. Higher amounts will always be under supervision of IBOM HQ. (See 8.5).
10.2 Q.  Can I transfer money from my IBOM account to another one?
A.  Yes, you can (Also see 3.15). Transfers will be shown in your ‘Available Balance’ in a separate field. Keep in mind that Interest will be calculated at the percentage of the account type into which the money was transferred.  At the end of the maturity date all transfers and your withdrawals, as well as the accrued interest, will be settled in your Actual Balance.
10.3 Q. Am I allowed to transfer money from my account to a 3rd party outside IBOM?
A.  Yes. However you must abide by the restrictions that follow from the philosophy and policy of IBOM. IBOM may choose to pay the 3rd party directly.
10.4 Q. Are these transfer amounts limited?
A.  All have to be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the policy of IBOM. King David Peii II has a veto on every payment, but will delegate execution of payments to his Account Managers.
10.5 Q. Can any 3rd Party, who does not have an IBOM-account, still be paid promptly? 
A.  Yes. 
10.6 Q. Is it an obligation for any 3rd Party to have an IBOM-account, thus having to pay the initial deposit of USD $1,500?
A.  No, that is not an obligation, but it would be of advantage to them.
10.7 Q. How much time does it take to complete a money transfer worldwide?              
A.  Depending on the method used and the receiving bank, 3-5 working days