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Welcome to the International Bank of Me'ekamui

The International Bank of Me'ekamui [IBOM] is a National and International bank located on Bougainville Islands.

IBOM operates Bougainville's lawful & sovereign currency the Bougainville Kina [BVK].

Information about the applicable valid situation regarding IBOM based on Bougainville's Supreme Law regarding all monetary areas, the Constitutional & International Banking Law, endorsed by King David Peii II, can be found on the website


World Class Financial Solutions

IBOM offers Online Banking services to manage your account. IBOM's modern Bank Instruments are especially designed to facilitate your business and the appropriate transfers. Our Investment-products allow BVK to become your means of bringing benevolence into the World. read more

Royal Monetary Council [RMC].

Royal Monetary Council

The Royal Monetary Council [RMC] is the overall Executive Body constituted by the Constitutional & International Banking Law to carry out its laws.
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About International Bank of Me'ekamui [IBOM]

IBOM is the oldest bank of Bougainville Islands.
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IBOM is the authorized and licensed bank to operate on Bougainville and Globally to make BVK operational in the World.

(Constitutional and International Banking Law, Section B, Articles 42-47)