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July 6th, 2015

To all IBOM account holders

An unexpected decree of King David Peii II has declared that IBOM has been closed.

Since IBOM is an ICC member, IBOM administration, as per the demand of several large BVK
account holders, has turned over full information related to their IBOM accounts to another
entity's database accessible through

Those account holders have requested that News you can use 7070 "Unfulfilled expectations"
be exercised for their benefit and that accounts of equal value in convertible virtual currency
used within the new entity's business program be established for them.

This virtual currency, known as SPURT, will be fully collateralized by sovereign currency
of equal value, which in turn can be converted into sovereign gold backed currency.

Any account holder of IBOM may similarly request the same procedure be accomplished so as
to recover from the ill effects of this recent decree.

Also please be advised that declarations to the effect that the UAPN/IBOE and/or other
documentary funds provided to IBOM and/or to King David Peii II are not collectible and
have no value is totally misinformation; such declarations are not taken lightly and
the issuers of these documentary funds will be informed about these disparaging
false declarations.

Since this is also new to the support of the new entity, their administration asks
that you give them a chance to complete their commercial website with proper login and
account overview.